Churchville Physical Therapy

Because Results Matter.

We are not a production line, and pride ourselves on individual care to each patient. We offer an honest treatment for your dollar and firmly believe that you are the reason we succeed!

We offer effective individual care and treatment based upon sound physical therapy skills. This helps our patients return to the functions and activities they love to do!

We encourage each patient to actively participate in their rehabilitation program. This ensures to improve their strength, flexibility, and their range of motion.

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General Orthopedic Injuries which may benefit from
Physical Therapy:

Sprain         Bursitis          Disc Herniation        Rotator Cuff Injury

Strain      Osteoarthritis     IT band syndrome     Tennis Elbow 

Click on specific injury to learn more.

** Please note that we treat a variety of injuries and age-related musculoskeletal dysfunctions, not limited to those listed above. **

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