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Once in a while a business comes along where it has it all!  Churchville Physical Therapy is one of those businesses.  I have had both knees and hips replaced within the last two years.  I have had the good fortune to have a wonderful physical therapist along with a well-educated family that came with her.  Marietta, my therapist, is extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring.  On the days when I didn't have therapy scheduled, I would go and workout.  All the therapists as well as office staff knew my name and made the whole experience fun.  If I was doing something incorrectly, one of them would correct me, always with a smile or a little joke.  I have gone from being in a wheelchair to losing 42 lbs. and being able to once again go to my grandchildren's functions without even a cane.  Thank you Arthur, Marietta, and all the staff for giving me my life back!

- Joanne

I had an EXCELLENT experience in Churchville Physical Therapy.  I started with a VERY sore and protruding achilles tendon.  After 8 sessions, my tendon had visibly reduced in size, pain was mild, and I will be able to return to my exercise routine.  The therapists were very knowledgeable, attentive, and interested in improving my physical condition.  I am very pleased with my progress.  I will now be able to look after this issue if/when it arises again.  All staff were friendly, attentive, and helpful in a professional manner. The physical space is very conducive to working on physical issues.
I recommend! Keep up the good work, you are a gem in our community :)

- Monica

What a wonderful facility in Churchville.  I can't say enough good about the therapy I received after my hand surgery.  It was wonderful to be able to come around the corner than having to drive miles.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful.  It was a joy to come to my appointments.  Thank You!

- Lucille

I have, over the course of my many years, been in several health clubs, heath spas, and twice before I have had to experience rehab, not usually a pleasant experience.  The Churchville PT Staff has made my rehab sessions something I look forward to.  The staff is pleasant and helpful.  My PT Professional is just that, a consummate professional.  It's truly a pleasure to work with someone who is well trained, knowledgeable thoughtful, and cheerful.  The office staff as well, to the extent that they drove to my house to return a credit card I had left on the counter.

The equipment available is adequate for the size of the operation and the skilled staff gets the most out of it along with using other tools.  The availability of a membership after my rehab is through is an unexpected plus.  I have no qualms in recommending them highly.

- Richard

I know no one wants to get hurt, or be hurting, but if you do, the place to go to get fixed up is most definitely Churchville P.T.  I've had three different sessions for different ailments, and each time, the therapy prescribed has been fitted just to me.  Homework assignments are written out in an easy to duplicate format.  The friendliness and professionalism of the entire staff is outstanding.  The therapist watches carefully to make sure your program challenges, but doesn't overwhelm the patient, correcting form as one practices.  Upon graduation, the patient is offered use of the exercise facilities- what a bonus!

- Peggy

I love this place. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

- Eunice

When I came to Churchville PT, I could hardly move without pain.  I underwent complete evaluations for a couple of different problems.  I progressed through treatment plans (ie. exercises, stretches, etc.). Today, I am much better and still go here on a pt maintenance program for $25 a month (less than a copayment). I very much like to come on Saturdays in the morning.  All the people here are very dedicated to a person/ patient's wellness and good health.  Jim was my physical therapist and always asks how I am doing.  Churchville PT is a great asset to our community.

- Anonymous

Great experience.  The therapists are great and always concerned for your welfare.

- Joe

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